eurocopter products


Eurocopter EC-120 Products

Meeker Aviation in cooperation with Airfilm, Inc. bring you the following EC-120 products:


EC-120 Side Sensor Mount

Features of this mount:

  • FAA STC / PMA left hand side mount.
  • Over 20 qualified payloads, including both sx-5, sx-16 searchlights, and all the most popular Flir/camera gimbals.
  • Standard equipment on all sx-16 equipped EC-120 law enforcement helicopters.
  • Standard equipment used by American Eurocopter.
  • Optional Cargo swing compatible fitting available.
  • Max payload weight is 125lbs.
  • Brazilian CTA certified.

Eurocopter AS-350 Products

Meeker Aviation in cooperation with Amtech Aeronautical bring you the following AS-350 products:

Aft Fuselage Searchlight Mount

  • FAA PMA/STC and Transport Canada Approved for the installation of customer furnished Spectrolab SX-5 or SX-16, with or without SLASS.
  • Improved fit, finish and installation and lower cost over factory version.

AS-350/355 Lower Left Hand Singlepole Camera/Sensor Mount

  • 150lb payload capacity, including qualified payloads: Cineflex HDTV, FLIR StarSafire series, Ultramedia series, LEO, Wescam MX-12 and 15, Gyrocam, Polytech, Taman and Spectrolab.
  • All aluminum tube and billet, bolt together construction. no welds.
  • Easy to install, mount bolts directly to airframe. Install or remove in minutes.
  • Mount weight, 44lbs.
  • Unobstructed view, excellent for surveillance, ENG, film work.

AS-350/355 Lower Left Hand Down Post Camera/Sensor Mount

  • 120lb payload capacity, including sensors such as FLIR StarSafire series, Ultra 7000-8000 series,Wescam MX-12, Model 12DS series, Polytech and Taman sensors.
  • Solid billet aluminum, bolt together construction. No welds.
  • Easy to install, mount clamps directly to airframe. No fasteners added or removed from original airframe. Install or remove in minutes.
  • Mount weight, 6lbs.
  • Optional Gen II dovetail certified, eases removal and installation of payload.

Spectrolabs Nightsun II

Install on American Eurcopter aft Nightsun mount

  • FAA STC/PMA installation of new Spectrolab Nightsun II onto the popular American Eurocopter aft mount, STC number SH7011SW-D.
  • Easily convert from existing sx-5 or sx-16 installation to the new Nightsun II.
  • Kit includes all installation paperwork and mount adaptor plate / hardware.

Belly Microwave/Sensor Mount Packages

Meeker Aviation and Aeropacific introduce the:

  • FAA STC / PMA lower belly mount.
  • STC'd to carry all the most popular microwave downlink manufactures antenna pods including:
    • BMS
    • L3 Skypod series
    • MRC / RF technology
    • NSI
    • MOSAIC mapping systems
    • Rated to carry 80 lbs
  • Attaches to existing aircraft hardpoints. No airframe modifications necessary.
  • Easily converted by use of optional adaptor brackets to carry various sensor packages, including custom applications.
  • Mount constructed of billet aluminum, hard anodized finish. Increased corrosion protection and lower electrical interference than steel mounts.